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Pyns. Poyms. Poshyns.

is a feminity and beauty blog created to bring out the feminine inner g and power every woman was born with!


My articles come from my own experiences and encourage the choosing of happiness and elegance to create the life of YOUR dreams!

I've morphed into a butterfly by changing poor habits and showing up as my best self.


First, I fell in love with all of me! Then, I felt comfortable enough with vulnerability to share my journey as a woman, mother, and new business owner to help others upgrade, too.


PYNN'd Productyns

is a copywriting  + media agency designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives make genuine connections with consumers that result in increased sales, brand clarity, and partnerships.

With the              words and creative development, you can sell water to a fish!  


Hey Y'all,

In 2010, I boarded a Greyhound bus in Atlanta with only the clothes on my body. The two-day journey didn't bother me much because I knew I needed to get back home to California and start over. Four years later, I took a 33-mile leap of faith and moved from the Inland Empire to Los Angeles to make my way. 


I applied for every entry-level, editorial position I knew about, in pursuit of my dream to become a journalist and landed all types of gigs. I wrote for up-and-coming publications, like Persona Magazine, which featured Draya Michelle and Don Benjamin, at the time. Months later I was hired at, SweetandLowShow, an online magazine, where I interviewed L.A. brand and marketing guru, Miss Diddy, and Cupcake Mafia's CEO, Skittlez.


In 2014, I covered the BET Experience, ESPYS Lounge, and Amber Rose's 1st Slut Walk press conference. Little ol' me was standing in a press room with major publications. My only real experience had been writing the best essays in school. 

The same year, I booked a gig covering the GRAMMYS Award show red carpet. I was so nervous standing on my tiny little marker on the red carpet as A-list celebrities strutted steps away from me. I was placed so far in the back that I didn't get to ask any questions for worthwhile exclusives. However, I did sneak into the after-party (since I was only given access to the carpet).


A group of college students holding cameras stood between the Convention Center and the Staples Center. I ran to stand with them and make small talk. Before I knew it, their professor was handing out access passes on lanyards. He slipped one right into my hand before telling "us" to follow him. So, "we" did. I put my lanyard on and walked straight passed security, right into the party! 

Little Miss Copywriter

By 2015, I wasn't in a good place. Lack of planning and loss of focus led to a decline in my career. I turned away from the writing world and lost my entire network. And trust me, It's much harder to come back to entertainment in Los Angeles when you leave.

2016 flew in, and BOOM! A positive pregnancy test and grand entrance into motherhood. A full-time budtender and receptionist at a cannabis club in Compton had just become somebody's mother.  Although I was making tons of money buzzing medical marijuana patients into a room full of ganja and learning Russian with my Armenian bosses and Russian co-workers, I knew I needed to level up.


I quit working as a budtender and enrolled in Long Beach City College, where I studied journalism and wrote as an editor for the school newspaper. But, after three semesters, I dropped out of college until the following summer. 

January 2021, I dusted the pages in my life and set out to build an empire. Not only did I start writing again, but I traded my freelance career for a CEO position. I registered my business and launched my blog Pyns.Poyms.Poshyns and HERE WE ARE! 

Now I provide copywriting services, cover red-carpet events, and publish original, Feminity + Beauty blog articles. I went from self-conscious to self-confident, and so can you! 

I'm Aspyn Nykohl,

aka Pynnderalla, The Pynstress.

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