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Pyns. Poyms.Poshyns.

my perspectives. my experiences. 

my "Pyn."

Starting a blog has always been in my heart, but procrastination, masculine habits, and imposter syndrome stood in the way. I'd get so overwhelmed trying to make everything perfect that I wouldn't do anything at all. I was napping for hours during the day, and I knew I had to take my feminine power back. So I did. 

Instead of hoarding my cool pictures and ideas, I started using them to create. 

May my feminine journey, luxury life experiences, motherhood, style, and grace inspire you to elevate your class, raise your glass, get started, and never stop!

Here, you'll find articles on leveling up your feminine power, loving yourself, elevating your mom game, red-carpet event coverage, and other fly shyt. Catch up with my blog intro and 'how to start your feminine journey' feature articles to get yourself acquainted. 


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