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A Lil' Bit of Matcha, in my Life

The benefits of Matcha Green Tea are life-changing! You don't have to eat a bowl of cheerios to help reduce your cholesterol, if you don't want to, just boil water and pour it on top of a tablespoon, or two, of Matcha powder. It helps with memory loss, brain functionality, and way more.

I have a tea station in my kitchen as I thoroughly enjoy unhooking my cute mugs from their stand. I find it soothing to dip my hibiscus tea bags in my mug before adding brown sugar, and things.

However, there is no tea quite like Matcha, for me. Mmm. First of all, the smell. Matcha smells sweet and has a naturally sweet taste without honey or agave. I usually season my cup with cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of cayenne pepper (just a dash), Manuka honey, and ginger, of course. Also, just a dash.

Years ago, I thought I had only fallen in love with my new favorite drink, but today I know that matcha is also a benefit to my health.

Issa win-win. Right?

How Can Matcha Green Tea Enhance Your Health?

Matcha is grown on green tea bushes in Japan. The leaves on the bushes are taken off and grounded by hand to create the powder we know as 'tea'.

Green Tea bushes are mostly grown, and thrive, in the shade which helps them retain super high amounts of chlorophyl.

Chlorophyl adds nutrients to the leaves, causing them to have an abundance of catechins, which are healing properties.

Catechins aid the body in fighting and curing cancer and lowering blood pressure.

The green tea leaves are also high in antioxidants, therefore aid in maintaining healthy skin and bodily functions.

The healing powers in matcha can cure bad breath and improve brain functionality.

Put a lil' bit of matcha in your life, especially if you struggle with inflammation from arthritis, liver issues, or seem forgetful.

Yup! Matcha does it all. Brand new sock and drawls. Aha!

I hope you give the holy grail a chance to warm your body and heal your insides, even if you aren't a big tea drinker. Then, let me know on Instagram what you think about it.