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How to Start Your Feminine Journey in 2023

If you're like me, maintaining a life of luxury and mastering the Art of Femininity are key goals on this year's vision board! And, well...I've been practicing feminism for a while and finally crafted a blueprint for how to start your feminine journey in 2023.

Every woman, single or married, deserves to be soft and live without masculine worries. Everyday stresses can weigh on a woman's gentleness, but that is no reason to succumb to masculinity. Actually, the most feminine woman is more powerful when she takes on life's twists and turns without allowing them to affect her natural being.

If a lady exudes masculinity, by choice or by habit, she will be out of touch, making everyday accomplishments harder than they need to be. The men she wants will most likely find her unattractive (Well, this depends on your type, but we'll get to this later).

If you allow yourself to walk in feminine power, you will automatically become more desirable. You will melt the tallest giants, soften the hardest of hearts, win over the toughest masters, and have the whole world swooning. You'll find yourself turning heads in every room you enter. Although a put-together woman is always polished, that isn't everything. She must also own her power through The Art of Femininity, even if she was raised in a harsh environment. To master this art, she must practice every day- sitting up straight, flushing her potty mouth, surrounding herself with like-minded ladies, saying less, honoring her own appearance, being kind, and having self-control. Many things go into femininity and while they may seem unattainable to the average woman, achieving them is far from impossible.

I've put together a blueprint to get you started, and even the most hard-core butch can follow it, with the right mindset and attitude.

How to Start Your Feminine Journey in 2023

Polish Yourself-

First, a lady needs to feel good. Often, feeling good comes from looking good. So, some could argue that the first step should be looking good. However, sometimes we need to feel good in order to even care about looking good.


Like, now! Or, as soon as possible. Women often use hand gestures when speaking and fashionably strut in open-toe shoes. So, the last thing you want to do is be talking to a man who is interested in you, while he's glancing at your chipped polish. Nor do you want him taken aback when you touch his face or rub his back with hands that feel like brillo pads or, even worse, have bunions, unkept cuticles, and ash on your feet while you're trying to feel sexy. You won't (and shouldn't) feel confident presenting yourself this way.