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How to Start Your Feminine Journey in 2023

If you're like me, maintaining a life of luxury and mastering the Art of Femininity are key goals on this year's vision board! And, well...I've been practicing feminism for a while and finally crafted a blueprint for how to start your feminine journey in 2023.

Every woman, single or married, deserves to be soft and live without masculine worries. Everyday stresses can weigh on a woman's gentleness, but that is no reason to succumb to masculinity. Actually, the most feminine woman is more powerful when she takes on life's twists and turns without allowing them to affect her natural being.

If a lady exudes masculinity, by choice or by habit, she will be out of touch, making everyday accomplishments harder than they need to be. The men she wants will most likely find her unattractive (Well, this depends on your type, but we'll get to this later).

If you allow yourself to walk in feminine power, you will automatically become more desirable. You will melt the tallest giants, soften the hardest of hearts, win over the toughest masters, and have the whole world swooning. You'll find yourself turning heads in every room you enter. Although a put-together woman is always polished, that isn't everything. She must also own her power through The Art of Femininity, even if she was raised in a harsh environment. To master this art, she must practice every day- sitting up straight, flushing her potty mouth, surrounding herself with like-minded ladies, saying less, honoring her own appearance, being kind, and having self-control. Many things go into femininity and while they may seem unattainable to the average woman, achieving them is far from impossible.

I've put together a blueprint to get you started, and even the most hard-core butch can follow it, with the right mindset and attitude.

How to Start Your Feminine Journey in 2023

Polish Yourself-

First, a lady needs to feel good. Often, feeling good comes from looking good. So, some could argue that the first step should be looking good. However, sometimes we need to feel good in order to even care about looking good.


Like, now! Or, as soon as possible. Women often use hand gestures when speaking and fashionably strut in open-toe shoes. So, the last thing you want to do is be talking to a man who is interested in you, while he's glancing at your chipped polish. Nor do you want him taken aback when you touch his face or rub his back with hands that feel like brillo pads or, even worse, have bunions, unkept cuticles, and ash on your feet while you're trying to feel sexy. You won't (and shouldn't) feel confident presenting yourself this way.

If you cannot afford a manicure, head to your local drugstore (or online) for a pack of acrylic nails and a nice shade of polish. Watch a few youtube tutorials on how to properly apply them without bubbles and learn to polish without making a mess. I've even learned to do my own acrylics with a kit and can even do a little nail art. (polka dots are easy enough, and look chic.) Whatever you choose, just keep your nails at a sophisticated length, it'll eliminate bacteria and shorter nails look better.

If you cannot afford a pedicure, get a pumice stone and pedicure set and get to scrubbin'. But crusty feet is a NO! So, do whatever you gotta do, girlie.

Some would argue that long, sharp nails are, in fact, feminine. But there are tiers to feminity, so be sure you have decided which caliber of feminism you desire to be in. All things that seem to be feminine aren't. For instance, look at women like Nia Long, Ciara, Sheryl Lee-Ralph, Angela Basset, Lori Harvey, and Meghan Markle. Get my gist? These women are examples of the epitome of class, despite how you feel about them personally. Now, I am not degrading other types of women--I'm simply saying, when I write feminine content, this is the essence I keep in mind. Remember, Different strokes for different folks.

Do Something With Your Hair.

If you can't do your hair yourself, have a stylist slay your tresses in a shop or book a mobile stylist to come to you. If this is not a monetary option, on youtube you can find doable styles or alternatives that work for your appearance. Try styles like headwraps, a big chop, deep-conditioning treatments, quality products to promote a healthy texture, wig installs (please install properly, we love our edges), or even a wash-and-go.

I decided to loc my hair last month, right before the new year! And although I'm just beginning my journey, I'm really excited to try all the styles. Locs are certainly less maintenance than most other hairstyles, but that doesn't mean they are no work at all. Whatever the style, own it and be confident. And be sure you always look like something when you go outside; a good way to ensure this is to practice looking like something while you're inside.

Don't just think of the hair on your head, Keep Your Facial Hair Clean

I've gone a while without maintaining my eyebrows, sideburns, cheek, and lip hair (although I hardly have much there), but having my brows threaded and tinted makes me appear way more polished. With a clean face, I look "brighter" and well-kept. And so will you, whether your brows are thick or thin.

>> Pictured: My left brow is not yet threaded, my right brow is. See the difference?

And... if you swipe, you'll see the magical powers of brow tinting. <<

Thank me later.

Some ladies love a lash set (my best friend Bree has you covered if that's you-find her on my feminine resource page). Although she can do whatever style it is that you want, just don't fly away like a bird with lash extensions that make it hard to tell whether your eyes or open or closed.

Again, top-tier feministas aren't doing tooooo much, they don't have to. Less is more in the feminine world.

Up Your Skincare Routine!

Find products that work for your skin type and use them to cleanse your face and skin twice a day. Products are usually a hit or miss so you may need to try a few brands before choosing a fave but finding what works to rejuvenate and fortify your skin is definitely worth it. Feminine women are always clean and skincare is a huge deal. Others will notice your skin right away--So, if you have dark marks, correct them if possible. A quarterly or monthly facial will work wonders.


A soft woman should literally be soft! Imagine your inner vybe matching your outer vybe... that's the real vybe. I love using FENTY exfoliating scrub, it's not too harsh, doesn't stain, and leaves me feeling as soft as a newborn.

It's easy to cake makeup on top of impurities, however, a skincare routine is encouraged because the most naturally beautiful women often do not necessarily need to wear makeup. After all, you shall go for an "I woke up like this" aura.

You may even opt to shave or wax your body hair for a more soft touch when you caress your body.

Speaking of makeup, Learn A QUICK Everyday Look

With your brows done regularly, all you need is a medium to full coverage foundation, a few layers of mascara, lipstick, or gloss, and a bit of concealer under your eyes. If you're like me, you like a little highlight on your cheeks and in the corners of your eyes, maybe on the tip of your nose, and under the bottom lashes, too.


A feminine woman takes care of more than just appearance, so please do understand that you need to cater to your dental and medical responsibilities. Please do not think you will walk in any kind of power with unkept dental hygiene or a stinky lady part.

It takes all of 5 minutes to rinse your mouth, brush your teeth, clean your tongue, floss your teeth, and rinse with mouthwash. Don't be that girl, ladies.

If you have other issues with your teeth and gums, research natural remedies online to help keep your mouth fresh. If you need t see a dentist and cannot afford it, go to your local department of social services office and see what they have available for free or discounted dental care.

Same with your yoni care. If you are a stinky girl, you cannot sit with us! If you have issues smelling fresh like a garden (I like to refer to vaginas as flowers on my blog), you need to revisit your diet, your sexual activity, and most likely your health. Don't be afraid to ask a health professional for the causes and cures for your flower if this sounds like you.

And if this is you, please put sex on the back burner! Becoming a feminine woman is also about accountability, self-respect, and self-control.

Sit Up Straight!

Proper posture will make even the smallest lady seem taller. Round shoulders just aren't very... feminine. Sit like a lady. Take up the space you stand in!

Find a Hobby

I am fluent in Russian, I love bridging language barriers, and I also love to do yoga and taste wine, as feminine hobbies. (You can also meet feminine friends this way.)

Feministas enjoy keeping up with themselves. So things in their routine like gym days, reading hours, tea time, meditation,pilates, hiking, language learning, and cooking are keys to elevating your game.

Developing personal hobbies is definitely how to start your feminine journey in 2023 and master the art of femininity. Having hobbies takes you out of your head, so overthinking and overspeaking won't be an issue if your brain is preoccupied with learning and enjoying new things- and lessens your possibility of speaking foolishly by accident... which brings me to my next point.

Flush That Potty Mouth!

A lady never says too much and when she does, the words are elegant and gentle, never offensive to others-unless of course you are standing your ground. But even then, tread lightly. If you speak too much or too masculine, you are not in your feminine power and will find it harder to reap the benefits.

Ditch the curse words. If you have a potty mouth, it won't be easy to flush, but totally worth the effort. (Honestly, it's still hard for me sometimes.)

Exude Confidence.

Even the most un-polished people can go far with lots of confidence. The more confident, the less you care about what others think. So, the more you thrive in any room. Show your self-worth (can't be femininely powerful without it) and you will be undeniable and envied by default. Confidence is key to mastering the art of femininity.

SMILE, even if you want to cry. And NEVER LET ANYONE SEE YOU SWEAT, unless you're at the gym, of course!

Dress Like a Real Lady.

Scantily clad was my personal favorite sense of fashion style. It came naturally because I hate clothes. But, if I'm being honest, I was attracting the opposite type of guy than what I really desired . So, upon beginning my feminine journey, I revamped my closet for a more classy look- more elegant.

Pay attention to the most feminine women you've ever seen. Look at their appearance, from attire and attitude, attire being the most important, and add your own swag to your shopping cart.

Your sweatpants days are over, if you aren't pairing them with pumps and a cute crop top to run errands. I suppose a nice pair of clean kicks could work as well, just add jewelry. But, try not to wear them as much, seriously.

Let Your Vibe Attract Your Tribe

Now that you're a lady, you will need to upgrade your circle of friends. Choose ladies who are, or who are becoming, feministas, much like yourself. This way, it'll be harder to slip back into your more masculine ways. Having a tribe of ladylike friends will keep you in ladylike places.... where you will DEFINITELY meet men who want to date real ladies.

Rid yourself of old friends, associates, and acitivtes that offer low vibrations. And do it NOW! You can thank me for that later, too.

Develop a Routine.

Creating a routine is as important as exuding confidence, one cannot be done without the other. Replace hardcore content with self-elevation books, wine study, or even wine tasting, music that promotes love, shows, and movies that keep you aligned with your feminine inner g. Find a nice groove that enlightens you along your journey and stay with it. (Read my Billionaire Morning article to get you started.)

The most feminine women find joy and ease in waking up before or with the sun to spend extra time investing in themselves. I'm personally developing a really peaceful routine, myself. I was always used to dedicating myself once I started a new routine... at first. Then, I'd slowly come to halt and revert to my old self. But not anymore.

This morning, I actually found it liberating to sit in my little nook and read 15 pages of The 48 Laws of Power (feminine women shall know and apply the laws), and write, enjoying a cup of tea, all before sunrise.

Back to replacements, you should replace anything that does not promote your brand-new lifestyle! The more rap you listen to, the more you may curse. The more murder movies, the harsher your view may be. Don't get me wrong, My favorite genres of music and film are hip-hop, crime, and action. However, on my ''Mastering the Art of Feminity' journey, I've been watching waaaaaaaay more romance shows and movies as well as jamming to waaaaay more oldies and R&B.

And guess, what? I'm way more feminine.


-Shutup, Spyn.



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