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It's Always the Right Time to Level Up

Behind every freeloader and Pickmeisha is a tired soul, ready to burst out in confidence and bloom like a sunflower. Poor upbringing and unfortunate events promote low self-esteem; and, dependent behaviors are a result of this low self-esteem. It's second nature to triple text a man or overstay your welcome at a friend's when you have no motivation to make things happen for self. When goals aren't set to be achieved there is no direction for you to go, therefore increasing your stagnancy and dependency. Uncertainty of what is to come next is also the leading cause of anxiety. If you find yourself battling anxiety, perhaps it's time to level-up your game and elevate your life!

I remember laying, naked in my queen bed, wrapped in fresh, white sheets thinking, 'I know I have what it takes to see my dreams become reality. I just need to get there!' I knew in that moment that I was done with mediocracy and ready to live as the best version of myself. At the time, co-parenting issues were disrupting my inner peace, my company lacked professional presentation, men who didn't have my best interest were being given my time to waste, and I didn't view myself highly enough to CHARGE for services I knew I was great at. I had been working for free and giving my love away before it was ever earned. My life was not as glittery or golden as others believed it to be and my frustration was boiling over into my motherhood. But, enough was enough. Leveling up was inevitable, there were only two options, elevate or continue to play catch up.

So, I decided happiness! Living a fulfilling life was the only thing on my mind.

It is extremely liberating to wake up as my most feminine self, because I know my power as a woman. The journey isn't easy and it is never-ending. But, I got my shit together and cleaned up my act. I can barely recognize the old me. I got rid of "friends, foes, and hoes."

I leveled my life up in 6 steps, and although I'm nowhere near finished, I'm sharing in hopes that it touches you.


I was already spiritually in tune, but I got to a point in my life where I knew I NEEDED to change my life and let go of worldly temptations. So, I did.

First things, first, was honoring my parents and mending the brokenness on my end toward them. So, I did. I apologized and actively changed myself to be the best daughter I can be.


I was insensitive and aloof, unknowingly. I had trouble with my friendships and relationships. So, I started paying attention to my habits and track record with those in my life.

Boy, did I learn a lot. I pay attention to my intentions, words, and actions a lot more; they should always flow like water.

I am way more loving in every single thing I do, from parenting to servicing clients, down to dating.

It all starts with ME.


Ain't no mo' telling my friends how somebody crossed me. I'm only talking about handled business when it comes to haters, naysayers, and foes...heaux.

I make myself a priority and don't bite my tongue. I respectfully speak up for ME!

And, it feels good! I don't feel bad for making my own choices anymore.


I lessened the access that people have to me and stepped my discipline up! I put time and energy into my business and got my money and intentions up. I only move when the cards align with God's plan for me and my bigger picture. The distractions are at an all time low.


Once it clicked to me that my child was exactly who he was supposed to be in terms of personality, I backed off a bit to let him do him; and, the rewards have been fruitful. Parenting is about loving someone unconditionally, through discipline and through everything. Once I started loving ME, it became easier to love those around me.


I only want a real man. The end.

I hope you were able to take one thing from this article if you weren't able to take more: Level YOU Up if you want to Level Up Your Life.

-Shutup, Shabetti

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