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Sharin' a list of my faves

Every gal needs some go-to beauty + self-care reources. Trusted resources, that is. 


Came to Slay Lashes

Briana | Licensed Cosmetologist + Lash Stylist

My girl Briana will have your lashes slayed to perfection. Many of her clients leave reviews about her professionalism, ultra cleanliness, and gentle touch during sessions. And guess what? She's available for booking at a full-service, luxury lash salon in West Hollywood, or mobile services. 

Doll Up

D | Licensed + Mobile Cosmetologist

Not only is D mobile, but she also shows up to your appointment with good vibes and a full booth set-up, making your home (or whatever location) feel like a shop. Before I loc'd my tresses, D was my go-to for silk presses. It's like she actually puts silk in the press!

Instagram + Booking Here



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Come back for more resources soon

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