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Bia Performs at The Model Experience for LAFW in DTLA (Day 1)

"Always believe in yourself and never take NO for an answer! When somebody tells me I NO, I always ask who else do I need to talk to." -Bia

BIA graces the Red Carpet for interviews and photos

1400 models flooded the Convention Center to see Bia perform at The Model Experience for LAFW at the Convention Center in DTLA, on Day 1.

A line of models was wrapped around the building as the beauties waited to be checked in for the festivities. Cameras clicked all night as fashionistas and fashionistos posed at photo-op stations and toasted drinks near the bar, just outside of the stage.

Once the doors opened at 6 p.m, everyone took their place around the runway for Bia's performance while the media interviewed talent, designers, and the founder on the red carpet!

Ashley Covarrubias founded The Model Experience for creatives to self-express. The platform was designed to create opportunities for models and talent, and that is exactly what The Model Experience is doing... for over 1,000 models this year at the LAFW! Shout out to Ashley for that!

Bia mentioned that she loves what Diesel is doing this year with its designs. Bia was draped in a pink diesel two-piece paired with hot pink, pointed-toe boots, with an iced-out wriAshley Covarrubias founded TME (The Model Experience).

Rosa Acosta and Taj Longino also graced the carpet and gave us some deets on their fashion line's debut this year's fashion week! Models will be strutting the runway in both of the designer's pieces at Sunday's show DTLA and we are all excited to see and get more information from Miss Acosta on her line Cossamia and Taj's Styles by Taj Collection.

Blessings to Echoing Soundz for another beautiful red-carpet experience!!!

Enjoy our exclusive clip of BIA's performance on Day 1 of The Model Experience at the Convention Center in DTLA.


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