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Weed + Wryte: Sativa Meets Authenticity

The WEED: Fruit Bubble Gum Sativa.

The WRYTE: Practice Authenticity in your Writing.

Welcome to my very first Weed + Wryte!

This time, I smelled, rolled, and smoked a joint of Fruit Bubblegum Sativa, delivered by Blaze— the best delivery service in West Hollywood, in my opinion.

The bud was dense and the high was very smooth. The eighth I bought was a lighter green hue and smelled very fruity, sort of sour. You know when you’re smoking gas or when you’re smoking trash… the smell is usually the telltale. Additionally, the Fruit Bubblegum Sativa nugs were easy to roll once broken down and you can definitely taste a “sourness”.

Sativa is my go to; because it gives me a head high, not body. It very much gives “Only I know I’m faded.” Ha! Oh, and don‘t get the munchies as bad.

This Fruit Bubblegum Sativa is perfect for a writer since it provides a mellow vibe. I was creative for hours without feeling like I needed to crash. I took the opportunity to get authentic with my pyn through poetry after I smoked the first joint of the batch and boooooooy did I become a young Maya Angelou. I got real with myself and put my feelings on the line… literally. I feel relaxed when I’m high and that helps induce my creativity.

Becoming a writer is easier than you think. Writing is about being expressive. If you find your self-esteem lowering or feelings if embarrassment, tell your story like no one is ever going to read it. Allow your mind to clear itself by writing what you feel and think.

Every piece you write doesn’t have to be shared, but if you aren’t sharing because you’re afraid, that’s too bad because there is power in thought sharing and storytelling. You can write and burn the pages, sell jingle (commercial) ideas, author books and poems, help others with copywriting content, and so much more. Everything we see starts with a pyn and an idea… the second part is about execution. But, the most important part is AUTHENTICITY!! Be authentic by being secure in who you are. Let your guard down and allow people to find you where you are in the journey!!

If you are a new wryter, grow your skills by writing in a journal, daily, to practice finding your voice. Go places, see things, fall in love with growing into the person you want to be and write about THAT! Seasoned wryters, keep going!! Keep writing your experiences and keep sharing them and watch your tribe find you through your words.

Dreaming about creating a show? WRYTE IT! A podcast? WRYTE the show outlines! A commercial? WRYTE a pitch! Starting a company? WRYTE! A business plan. A blog? WRYTE your experiences……

just WRYTE! Well, try smoking first THEN wryte like no one is watching!

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