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Welcome to the most lit Divine Feminine, Beauty, + Lifestyle blog!

Around the clock, I'm a super-mom
Oftentimes, I enjoy luxury self-care.
Lots of times, I'm spittin' poetry.
Most times, I'm a dope journalist, covering cool events. 

& Every week, I publish articles helping girlies align with their feminine Inner G.

Oh, and I own a copywriting agency.  

I got the print, digital, and retail copy writing services on deck! 

IMG_1736 2.JPG

Pyns. Poyms. Poshyns...

If you're ready to bask in your FEMININE POWER,
You'll Love it Here!






Borrow Our Pyn.  

Let's Wryte History!

Kiss boring taglines goodbye!

We like Clever, not corny.

Your marketing copy should be closing deals for you! 

I create captivating copy using unique storytelling that'll compel anyone to want to collab, support, or buy whatever it is you sell.

Guess What?

All of your favorite brands and creatives hire copywriters! And                successful brand needs one!


How will it benefit me?

What is copy?

Copywriting is verbiage used for marketing and promotion.

From ads, social, website, Email, and retail marketing to sizzle scripts, bios, conceptualizing, interviews, and event coverage... I gotcha!

Copywriting will                    your brand if...


You want to be more consistent with brand marketing- Emails, product descriptions, site updates, social captions + more.

Most copywriters (ME) work on retainers and offer these services monthly.

You aren't skilled in word placement or well-versed in all forms of English.

A copywriting professional (ME)  knows how to captivate an audience. 

You're having trouble finding a voice for your brand.

Copywriters (ME) create consistent brand messaging across platforms to build genuine audiences.  

Join the 'Girls That Get It'

Welcome 2 the club!

Hey There, 

I'm Aspyn Nykohl. 

Pynnderella, The Pynstress

Writing has always been my thing, so I turned it into income!

In 2012, I worked as a freelance journalist. A few years later, I lost my career to distractions and watched my professional network follow. Little did I know, landing the same jobs in the future would be much more difficult. Every application I submitted was ignored- even with my credibility.

I got tired of taking no for an answer and started a copywriting agency to create my own opportunities and get back on the red carpet. 

After motherhood, I realized how much more powerful I could be if I walked in my feminine power. Now, I'm mastering the art of feminity, one blog article at a time. 29 couldn't have been a better age to begin. 


Let's Get Social
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