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Winter Dates Every Lady Should Experience in LA

Ladies, when a man is courting you, certain excursions, dates, festivities, and experiences are a MUST! Also, ladies, if you aren't expecting men to court you... step your dating skills and confidence up. A woman is to be complimented, loved, adored. So, anyone spending our time shall make it worth our while.

Hey there, my name is Spyn and I'd like to call myself a professional dater. Ha! No really, I love going on dates, so I often say yes to quality men. When asked my preferences, I mention dating experiences on the "Higher End" of the spectrum. Yep, pull out all the stops for me, please. Not that this is required, but hey.. why not both have a good time? I also enjoy more romantic, less fancy dates like bike riding and beach days, too.

At first, I was just suggesting things I'd never done before, and those dates sparked interests in doper, more exquisite dates. And, when I'm not with a man.... I like to take myself out. I even started planning and enjoying mommy-and-me dates for quality time with my son (See the 17 dates I took Sev on for his 4th birthday).

Once I am properly courted, I have no problem spicing things up, my way, for date nights with suitors. My mother and friends have been telling me for years that I need to publish a book of dates. So, here is a lil sum sum for my WYNTER lovers.

Call me the date queen. Dating credentials below. LOL

I surprised an ex(ample) of what not to do again to Medieval Times, in Buena Park, for his birthday dinner (where he got on bended knee with a ring studded with Caribbean diamonds and asked ya girl for my hand in marriage), after a horseback riding surpise at Sunset Ranch, in Hollywood, and ended with second surprise with his friends at Star Hookah, on Hollywood Blvd. I called off the engagement a little while later... but this story was relevant for the fly ass dates I put together.

A few years later, I met my another ex(ample) and he had never been to the circus, so I got us front row seats to a Barnum and Bailey show in Anaheim, treated him to an ocean view lunch at Claire's at the Museum, in Long beach, then hydrobiking right off of the dock. Whatever I wanted to do... he was with it! His friends and fam even joked that I was making him a lil bougie.

Anywho, I live in Los Angeles where dating excursions are endless. My kind of dating is a bit unique, especially in the Wynter, when it's cold two days a week and hot the rest; so, I've put together a list of ideas for those choosing up in the cuddly, holiday season. Whether you enjoy nights in, Snow fights, candlelights, or have a big appetite… I got you.

Dates Every Lady Should Experience (Winter Edition)

1. Helicopter Ride over Big Bear Mountain

The Winter season is perfect for a sky view of the scenic Big Bear Mountain covered in snow. The mountain offers many excursions from tubing and skiing to zip-lining and rock climbing for when the helicopter brings you back to the pad. Big Bear's views are perfect if you're a cali girl like me who lives life under the sun. Plus, how cute is it to cuddle up with bae in the freezing temperatures and talk about the ride?

2. Ice Skating & Hot Chocolate at L.A. Live

Every Year L.A. Live brings out the Kings' hockey rink to the middle of the entertainment setting for Los Angeles natives, residents, and tourists to ice skate. The cost is about $17 per skater and the ambiance is pretty cool. The 20+ foot tree decorated in bows and whistles is a staple and there is a Starbucks and other restaurants near by to grab hot chocolate and a nice meal after or before. Usually, there is holiday music and good vibes. Definitely something to try.

3. Weekend Trip to Lake Tahoe

It snows up in Lake Tahoe and the city has some nice cabins to choose from. There are lots of ways to get creative with bae for a weekend when you're all snowed in. If you're driving from SoCal, you can make the road trip fun with 21 Questions and Have You Ever. And when you get there, you can have a cook-off, worst dish strips and takes a dive in the snow, or make-out in a hot tub, or talk about your future, or play board games.

4. Date Night In

Staying in when it's cold out is rather cozy. Take-out is cool but cooking together is always a thing when inside with bae. But, in the Winter, close to the New Year, it is the perfect time to make a couples bucket list or set new intentions for your relationship. I love a good bucket list, having it categorized makes it easy to choose something to do on days you two get bored. I like to break my list down into long term, short term, local, and travel sections. Thank me later.... you will never get bored doing the same things with each other.

5. Chestnuts by an Open Fire

Find a fire, make a fire, and sit by it. Cuddle by it. Roast Marshmallows by it. And, bring magazines, tape, glue, and make a vision board in by it. The power of vision is so important. With a vision board, doing the things you put on your bucket list will seem attainable and not like a list full of wishes. It's winter, find your fire and make the future with bae HOT!

6. Mulholland Drive for a Clear View

Mulholland Drive is a nice scenic mountain in Hollywood where you can see the city of Los Angeles. The drive is nice and curvy and gives you a subtle opportunity to hold bae's hand on the way up and back down. In the night hours, you can see the moon, starts, cars and the lights on the buildings. In the daytime, you get the sun and the clouds and clear views of the establishments in the city. It's the perfect place to bring your vision board with bae. So make one and GO!

7. Something You've Never Done

Its the end/beginning of the year and there is no better time to bring your adventurous self alive! Grab bae and do something new! Because, why not? You deserve it.

Every gal deserves to feel like a million bucks without or without a man or a date, but if someone must court you for your time it should be on their dime and.... the occasion shall be fly! Pull this article up the next time you are summoned for a suggestion. And Enjoy.


Shutup, Shabetti.


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