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Don't Edit Until You've Writtyn

If you want to actually complete a writing project, finish your writing all of thoughts before criticizing and critiquing them- That's the best way to refresh your motivation and the easiest way to keep yourself going.

Take it from me, I have an unfinished poetry book and a bunch of half written e-books because I was so busy second guessing my own thoughts that I never finished thinking them. Now, as I have gone back to finish my written works, I'm tunnel visioned into getting my thoughts OUT before altering them until I feel they are perfect.

Editing as you go keeps you from getting your full vision laid out. Before you know it, you'll end up frustrating yourself to the point that you lose faith in your ability to write. You might even trick yourself into believing that your idea is not as cool as you thought it was.

This mindset settles in because, one, you aren't allowing yourself to create what's in your heart and, two, you're erasing more than writing; so, it looks like you aren't moving forward. Looking like you aren't moving forward will kill any writer's mood. I do suggest reading over your work at the end of each chapter so that you aren't too far off from what you're trying to convey. But, nah, not every paragraph or even every page.

Like, my blog articles.. I read them over once I'm finished writing. I often make hella edits, and that's fine because not only am I adding to my initial intentions, I have the chance to make good words sound better. And, for those of us who have lots of things on our daily schedules... it saves time to write THEN edit!!!!

It's much easier to edit what is already there than to think and edit all in one, like a human editing software. Plus, when expressing yourself, it should feel free. Writing, for a writer, should be one of the most relaxing, most tranquil hobbies. Yes, if you're a creative writer, formulating sentences should be like a hobby. Find your writing nook and own it.

In my daily life, I'm always thinking about ways to share new things that excite me here on my blog. I like to write on paper first, then go back with a different color pyn and proofread. The last step for me is always typing and publishing.

This makes it easy to go write on the beach, on a boat, or even a bae, stay, or vayycation!

Take your time and brainstorm, then outline your brainstorming, and go from there. When you do things in steps, its easier to make it to your desired end with your pyn. Thank me later. Holla.

Anyway, if you don't want to spend double the time, doing double the work, I highly suggest that you never edit first. Aiight?

"Shut up, Shabetti."


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