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Spyn's 60-30-10 Rule: The Art of Appearing Mysterious in your Feminine Power

Everyone knows that the most desirable women are mysterious- 60 percent of a mysterious woman are her actions, 30 percent are her achievements, and 10 percent are her words.

When mastering mystery, you must always say just less than enough. Speaking too much will make you seem "regular" and easily accessible, lessening your power. Practice shutting up and observing the room. I learned this the hard way. I was way too friendly and overly inviting. I could have saved myself tons of trouble by properly vetting people from afar. Bringing new folks to your space and filling them in about your business too soon is a NO. Everyone has motives, good and bad. But even good motives can be bad for you. So, appear mysterious and keep your name, yourself, and your life safe.

Now, what is Spyn's 60-30-10 rule for appearing and maintaining mystery? Well, you keep mystery through your actions by throwing people off of your path, 60 percent of the time. The further they are from your next step, the harder it is for your next step to be missed or tampered with. For example, if no one knows you're dropping an album, they can't leak the tracks or, better yet, they won't even be looking for tracks to leak.

I befriended a girl on a red carpet that I covered last year and it seemed as though, with every idea I shared with her, she had the exact same idea. Well, I cut her off over something rather small (keeping her copycat ways in mind) and it was an easy call. I simply blocked her, kept things moving along, and am going in a completely different direction than what I shared with her in the past. I shared my release goals and everything with this fraud. However, I switched everything and now my year looks different. I threw a potential enemy off my radar and kept them in the dark. I learned this from reading the 48 Laws of Power but added my own Spyn on things.

30 percent of your time should be spent only portraying actions you want to be associated with. Don't eat a bunch of pizza or lie to people if you don't want to be known for, or seen, eating pizza or as a liar. Choose who you want to be and let your actions measure up. If you plan to be a villain to disguise your pure heart, act like one. Become aloof or unkind until you trust people enough to see the real you. If you want to appear as a damsel in distress, be needy, but not annoying. Just the right actions will draw helpers to a damsel who is skilled. However, appearing independent may offer this same result if you understand cause and effect. Someone who appears to never need help may also get lots of help from those trying to impress them. If you want to appear as a humanitarian, find ways to give back.

My younger self always "had all the answers" for my life and never needed anyone else's help. And during that era of my life, I made so many careless mistakes and caused so much unnecessary hardship. I did whatever was necessary for any given situation when simply becoming a thorough person with ONE PERSONAL GOAL for my image would have been enough. Instead of thinking about what I should do, I could have done what my new self would do.

Being yourself when you haven't decided what type of person you genuinely want to be can make finding your power a bit difficult. Once I decided that I would take the feminine route, I softened my character traits, started looking better, started feeling better, being punctual, reading more, exercising, eating better, elevating my speech, sitting up straight, and being less accessible.

10 percent of your time should be spent saying the right words, and nothing else. Small talk is not a trait of the powerful. As a matter of fact, avoid it! The more you talk, the larger the possibility of saying something that detours your intentions and, perhaps, makes you less mysterious. The more you talk, the more information you volunteer. You should be so mysterious that people want to research you because you exude such exclusivity. Think of Beyonce. Yep, be THAT exclusive. Get an assistant to handle certain conversations if you need to.

100 percent of the time, appear gentle and without masculine traits. We already went over this in previous articles, but in order to own your feminine power you must only appear as a super feminine woman.


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