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Organization is Wryter's Block kryptonite

If a million things are out of place in your life your writing will most likely reflect that. Actually, it will reflect that!

The best way to keep the wryter in you from being blocked is to stay organized, so you don't feel anxious when it's time to write.

If you can't stop thinking about the pile of dishes in your kitchen sink, overdue bills, or the fact that you haven't packed your child(ren)'s school lunch for tomorrow, OF COURSE, you will find it hard to focus on writing anything other than getting your shyt together... when you should be writing.

(I choose this photo because I have a "matter-of-fact" look in my eyes. Lmao)

You see, every sentence comes down to a few words structured in the perfect order, whatever that looks like to you.

The more organized your personal life, the more organized your writing.

Think about it, if you live a peaceful life, you are surely sane enough to create a full-proof outline that aids in the execution of your written works.

To juggle a clear storyline, from beginning to end, you'll need to clean up your life and lay out your thoughts. Do this by removing distractions before starting new projects. Then, go for broke and, spread all of your ideas out in front of you, so you can figure out a way to break it down, and get it done.

When you lead a clean and organized life, you don't need to suppress your bright ideas until you complete everything on your to-do list, for the last two weeks. If you tackle tasks as they come, it is easier to relax and write without feeling guilty.

Create systems and schedule blocks to keep your life intact so that your pyn can freely flow. Wryters benefit from undivided, quiet time. However, quiet time invokes heavy thinking, where the mind races.

Understand, how well you control your life and organize your thoughts will determine how productive your writing sessions are. Jot your intentions down, therefore you won't forget anything and fall victim to Writer's Block smack in the middle of your precious piece of work.

And remember, anyone who sits down with an empty head will always find getting started a bit more difficult than a writer who has prepared. So, save yourself and your project by staying on your toes.

Your project outlines should include:

A Deadline

A breakdown of intentions


Ideas into chapters or sections

Editing as you write is also breeding grounds for wryter's block.

Wait until you finish your story before you go in and start to make corrections. Editing as you go will slow you down and cause you to forget important details that you want to include.

Once you begin to see the benefits of keeping your life and mind organized, your pyn game will benefit too. Imagine sitting down to write and being able to create without insecurity or brain fog. That is real wryter joy.

The first step to getting organized is WANTING PEACE.

Peaceful living is peaceful experiences, which is peaceful writing.

Cleanliness is next to godliness, is next to abundance.

Shutup, Shabetti.


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