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Spice Up Your Wryte

The only way to spice up your wryting is to throw some pepper in the ink. Writing is storytelling; and, you can only be a great storyteller if you have great stories to tell, or knowledge to share. And, to tell a great story, you must LIVE.

Take yourself out. Learn your interests. Shut off the radio and television, listen to your own voice. Master controlling your thoughts to upgrade your ability to stay present, and focus on NOW.

If you have a hard time being alone, you probably have tons of great ideas and are always fantasizing about what's happening on the outside- And, that's cool. But it won't get you that far. Sooner or later, your fantasies start eating at your confidence, if they haven't already.

Written work comes from imagination, for sure, but it also comes from life itself. The most influential films and shows are intriguing because they entertain us. Much of what we see on television is really happening in someone's reality. By someone's storytelling, we are entertained and informed on lifestyles that differ from our own.

When you find the beauty in LIVING life, you make way for quality experiences and set yourself up for stumbling across a goldmine. Imagine a life full of joyous happenings. How much material could you create from going on a nice vacation, surfing or parasailing for the first time, or even visiting the oldest bowling alley or bookstore in your city? How many people do you think you could inspire if you lived your best life and shared those vibes?

Go touch a tree with leaves you've never felt before, then use that experience to elaborate your descriptive words. Learn to incorporate your feelings and emotions into your work.

Rather than 'It was warm at the beach today', try, 'It felt like I was sinking my body into a warm bath as the sun's rays warmed my shoulders at the beach, today.'

See that? You would need to know the relaxing feeling of sinking into a warm bubble bath in order to think of adding such a description to your project. To convey feeling and emotion into your work, you do things that make you feel. You must live.

Send yourself your favorite color flowers and take in the beauty. Jump into the ocean from a cliff the next time you visit Hawaii. Test drive your favorite car. How do you know a Bentley is your dream car when you don't even know how to start it? Visit a new place. Do something and watch how expansive your writing becomes. And do something new, every day or every week, if you reeeeeeeeeally wanna throw some jalapeños in your pyn.

Never run out of experiences. You can never box yourself in, if you never stop experiencing life. Spice up your wryte by spicing up your life.

- "Shutup, Shabetti."


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