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Chef Joi Celebrates Food Network Debut at 'End of Summer' Premiere Party in Los Angles


Congratulations to Chef Joi, AKA Joi 2 Duh World, the champion of Food Network's Supermarket Stakeout! I had the pleasure of attending her premiere celebration for such a large culinary accomplishment, and we had a time! Proud friends and family made the night special.

It was Joi's southern, homestyle breakfast sandwich that won the televised cooking competition. Warming donuts in a waffle maker and pairing them with handmade, seasoned patties and jelly won the Supermarket Stakeout judges over in one bite. They were all wowed by her ingenuity. 

The showed aired September 13th at 6 pm, and a beautiful red carpet dinner premiere party, hosted at October’s Place, was thrown the following night. Many of Joi’s loved ones came from in and out of town to celebrate her huge accomplishment as a chef. In the episode, Joi uses items from the bags of real grocery shoppers before they load up their cars. I won't give everything away (although you already know she was victorious lol), but I watched the show for the first time and it was quite an interesting concept.

Purple decor, a unique menu, live entertainment, and high vibes kept a smile on everyone's face through the night. VIP tables, located on the second story, were occupied by Supermarket Stakeout producers, Mary Myers and Aaron Nitido, Neft Vodka representatives, Neesin and Alex, and just steps away from them sat recording artist Cristina Mackey, reality star Princess Love, and 'Larry the Hollywood Stylist'.

Nothing but nice words were uttered by Joi's guests about her vibe and culinary skills. Princess raved about how Joi cooks the best pot roast she has ever tasted and joked that she just knew the pot roast sliders were placed on the menu just for her. And, if I must say so myself, they were so delicious. I'm vegan (I guess a fake one now) and I had TWO! *chef's kiss* Oh my, the flavor and tenderness were perfection and the edible flower toppings made the plate fun and colorful.

Each item on the menu was given its own style-from A “Dough-bacle" Bread Basket to appetizers like, "Drunk n' Fried" Avocado Tacos served with spiced Corn Ribs, This Is How We Roll "Russell" Roast Sliders, topped with fresh veggies, gravy, and edible flowers on a sweet bun, and "Home Sweet Home" Salad, with Sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

Oh, and baby, Joi's entrees were a staple! "In My Bag" Chicken Pie, which was chicken pot pie filled in crispy thin buttery filo pastry, "Trouble" Thai Salmon Curry, served with herbed white rice, and "Buck Wild" Mushroom Pasta, with creamy vegan garlic Alfredo were options for the night.

And her desserts surely fulfilled any sweet tooth you could have. Guest chose between a "Won't HE Do It?" Walnut Cookie, topped with homemade vanilla bean ice cream, “Bits & Peaches" Cobbler, with a sugar and spice peach filling, and "Stakeout" Summer Sorbet, a homemade frosty medley of Meyer lemon, mango chili, and strawberry-cantaloupe sorbet. 

If you are ever able to hire Joi for a special moment in time, I, 10 out of 10, would recommend.

Chefs and Clefs is a pop-up culinary and entertainment experience company Joi started with her boyfriend. The company was designed, as a culinary series, to platform top chefs, performers, and musicians around the globe. The couple's goal is to provide food for the soul and music for the heart.

The And as the business gains more exposure, Joi is becoming the face, perfecting her craft and landing huge opportunities. We can only expect more from here!"

-Joi's Mother, Karen. 

Right before dinner was served, I had the chance to interview Chef Joi. Here's what she had to say...

Aspyn: I’ve spoken with the guests at your VIP tables upstairs and everyone, from friends and artists to the producers who pitched you to the Food Network, had nothing but good words to say! They also told me to be on the lookout for your pot roast because it’s the best they’ve ever had! 

So, what has this journey been like for you? 

Chef Joi: This journey has been super-freakin CRAZY! 

Omg, listen,  I’ve been through so many emotions, baby. I don’t know what’s going on in these streets! 

But everything comes together for a good cause and I really feel good about it. I’m doing what I love. I’m having fun. I’m with my family, I’m with my friends. You can’t beat that! And I’m from Atlanta and I’m in L.A. doing this thang! So it means more to me. 

Aspyn: What is the biggest difference in the food culture from Atlanta to LA? 

Chef Joi: Oh, the food out there has soul, baby. See, out here you can’t really catch the tea because there are so many people from all over the place and you can’t really find the essence of what it is. I just know tacos. But, in Atlanta we have heartiness. We have love, community, and family. 

Aspyn: I can attest to that. Has this always been a passion for you? 

Chef Joi: No it has not.

Aspyn: When did you start cooking? 

Chef Joi: Not until people really started pulling me aside like, “Listen, girl, you can’t just be giving this away for free. You need to start charging. You’re already throwing parties, why not just throw in the food?” 

So I took that to heart and took it all the way up. When I do things, I do things full out. So, baby, I’m not half stepping. I want the dress rehearsals, I want it all. I took it all in and saw how happy it made people. 

Aspyn: And what was the first step you took from cooking and throwing parties to debuting on Food Network? 

Chef Joi: I went to culinary school in 2017. There were a lot of long drives to Orange County, a lot of sacrifices, a lot of tears, and a lot of “I don’t want to do this anymore”. Then, there was a lot of “alright, I’m gonna do it!” There were lots of ups and downs but it was all completely worth it. 

Aspyn: It was definitely worth it! I see you have all the VIPs dining tonight. How did you start branding yourself to celebrities? 

Chef Joi: Well, the celebrities kind of came to me. It was like word of mouth. I have friends in the industry, so one friend said something to another friend and it spread like wildfire. It wasn’t really expected or like I went for celebrities, it just kind of happened. 

Aspyn: As the ripples get bigger, where do you see yourself going next? 

Chef Joi: I want to be the next face of Food Network. I want to be the fresh, young, popping chef and representation for us. You know, a lot of us don’t [really] watch it.

Aspyn: Yes ma’am! You know you’re on there with Auntie Tab, now! 

Chef Joi: Yeahhh! I have to pull up and really turn up. So that’s my goal. I want a cookbook. I want an app. I want merch. I want to take over. I want to do these dinner series in different cities and countries. I want to take it to wherever it can go. No max! 

Aspyn: Well congratulations again! And we’re all rooting for and watching your level up! It’s just the beginning. 

To see Joi's family in the kitchen was very wholesome. I learned that the recipes come from Mama Karen and that Joi works side by side with her sister, Jhané, to cook and plate for special events. I left the event with my heart full. Shoutout to Joi, her entire team, and Echoing Soundz for having me cover another dope event. I cannot wait for the next one.

Be sure you stay tuned to see Joi's next steps as she moves toward taking over the culinary world. Holla.

Shutup, Shabetti Bashazz.


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