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Only What is Deposited can be Withdrawn

Pay Your Karmic Debt by Taking Accountability!

It is easy to get caught up in the crossroads of life but there is power in accepting your wrongs and using them to better yourself. Make things right!

The world has become a sensitive society and it's driving people M-A-D!

However, understanding when you need to water yourself can help cure your anxiety. How can you be spirituality healed if you haven't done any spiritual healing? Exactly!

P.S. Self-love is checking your ego. The chosen ones are not impressed by European "materialistics".

A lot of you are causing chaos and fucking people over, trying to live a good life. First, you need to accept your bullshit and make things RIGHT if you want to be successful. God doesn't bless mess, the devil does.

If you aren't caring for your spirit do not expect it to take care of you when the world is chaotic. We must make daily deposits into our spirit banks so when it's time to make a withdrawal, there is no 'insufficient fund' issues. Feel me?

The highest level of self-love is understanding the God in you and upgrading your mindset to match your birthrights.

Be careful of being a take, take, taker without ever giving. Christmas is a made up holiday that does not represent Christ's birthday, like we were taught by Caucasians. But, if it were, in fact, a real celebration of Jesus... why would WE be getting gifts on someone else's birthday? Riiiiiight.

I used that analogy because a lot of the time, people are operating out of sin rather than spirit. We can only turn our community around if we begin acting out of love. Out of righteousness. Out of virtue. Because, the reversed behaviors are causing a great demise.

People have fallen so in love with material items and validation from those who did not create them, nor the world, nor life! So, spiritual accounts are in the negative. When you are in grief, you can't pull yourself out because your healing funds have been depleted in the secular world.

How are you buying racist-ass Gucci bags when you don't have enough investment coins to pay for protection when you go out into the world? How do you not have enough to call on God to heal your wounds and "mental illnesses" but you're fake impressing people online? how are your children going without but... you get the point.

Us chosen ones are tired of giving out spiritual loans to those who know better, yet continue to fail spirit with their worldly desires and temptations. Forgiveness is an unlimited resource; however, you must learn to forgive to be forgiven, just like you must love to be loved, and be truthful to live-in and receive truth.

Too often, we run to God with blood and sin all over us, begging for help and direction--the same help and the same direction we prayed for last time. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.

How much grace can you expect to be given when you're running in the devil's possé? How many times can you lie to your spirit to serve two masters?

If you are looking to make a change in your life, start by changing yourself. Find who it is you were created to be in SPIRIT, not in fame. Phuck fame. Stop doing shyt to get famous, you guys are all looking the same, acting the same, having sex with the same men and women, and living the same life. No thrill. No purpose. Just living, dead.

Live in your purpose and keep God first. You already see that the government has no idea wtf they're doing. Keep making spiritual deposits so that when it's time to flee from the demonic works of the world, you have enough to get where the chosen ones need to go.

Find yourself a safe space and community. Holla.

"Shutup, Shabetti."

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