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Wryte Like Yourself

Why copy him, or her, when you can do you, boo? I never met a wryter who couldn't write. What is written becomes part of history. Don't be a played out historian, that's wack.

Moving right along,

writing should come from a person's heart and experiences.

This means, your work shouldn't be generic or bitten from someone else. Just wryte like YOUrself.

Start every project with an open and forgiven heart, then set your intentions. What emotions would you like for people to feel after experiencing your words? Who is your work designed for? What part of you is holding the pyn for this project?

Readers and listeners should feel your energy through your catalog.

You should not be a writer if you are easily offended. You'll just get sucked into a vacuum, and spun around and around with all of the crummy work you don't like doing, with dust in your head.

Things you have overcome and witnessed make for the best writing material; wryte about those things. If you share your experiences, be confident in what comes of it, be hopeful to touch SOMEBODY, even if it is just one somebody.

Writing is a selfless career--Trollers, negative blog publication contributors, yellow journalists, and shock factor writers don't really count, to me, as writers. Own your truth and take your ego out of it.

Writers should speak honesty and add value to the community, by spreading knowledge and standing firm in our beliefs. So, the next time you feel like you should alter your experiences for a publication, remember why you started.

Don't fold, it's much easier to write on a full sheet of paper.

- "Shutup, Shabetti."


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