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A Billionaire Morning

Wealthy people have more in common than a bunch of zeros in their bank accounts. Most financially successful people discipline themselves to wake up early in the morning to get the worms while the rest of the world sleeps in.

Yes, I know there are plenty of wealthy people who enjoy the luxury of sleeping in, but why minimize the 24 hours you get in a day with a slow start?

As a single mom, I actually still struggle with starting my mornings with consistency every single day for a greater life, but it's all about creating the life I want, not just dreaming!

Think about it, if you live on the West Coast like me, by 8 a.m. it is already 11 a.m. on the other side of the country. It's not good enough to say you want to be a billionaire, you must align to the qualities of success and tackle the day as if the money is already yours! Take time for yourself, nourish your body, calm your mind, get your blood flowing, and organize your intentions before enduring the chaotic realness of the world outside your front door.

Billionaire brain coach, Jim Kwik, says waking up early reduces stress and takes the craziness of rushing out of your brand new day.

Brew Some Tea while you Pray + Meditate

Wait.. before tea, have a glass of lemon water and if you're a coffee drinker... have at it, I guess. But tea is healthier and, depending on the leaves, has high caffeine dosages as well. I usually drink Earl Grey or Matcha tea with Manuka Honey and lemon or lime juice in the mornings, when I'm on my shyt. One tablespoon of Matcha is usually enough to give me all the wings I need for the day.

Once your alarm goes off (at a decent hour) brew yourself some tea and while it's brewing, start your day with prayer and set some intentions with meditation. By the end of meditation, your caffeinated beverage should be cool enough to enjoy. By the way, Oprah swears by meditating in the AM.

Get your Hygiene + Heart Poppin'

After mediation, prayer, and a cup of liquid energy you should feel energized enough to take on the day. The next step should take place in your bathroom where you can spend 60 seconds swishing mouthwash, 5 minutes brushing your teeth, and a few minutes washing your face. I love to put on a turmeric, honey exfoliating mask while I do a 30-40 minute workout.

Exercise is a great morning addition to help get your blood flowing to your heart for a strong beat--another great source of energy to jump start your day and positively influence your health. Also, billionaires workout in the mornings to control stress levels throughout the day.

Shower + Me Time

After an effective workout, wash off the sweat in a warm shower. Hopefully the water helps wake you up even more if youre still tired. And if you have extra time, between the shower and leaving for work, or other obligations, spend a little me time reading a self-help or inspirational book. Write down your intentions and thoughts for the day, browse your favorite magazine, scroll through social media, check some emails, and look over your calendar to gage the day ahead for proper preparation. Millionaire Tom Corley says that self-made millionaires spend their mornings brainstorming, reading, and problem solving.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Waking up early for me time is cool but starting the day early enough to have a nourishing breakfast is equally significant. I mean, it is the most important meal of the day.

Whether you like mushrooms, spinach, hummus, and vegan cheese in a quesadilla or a loaded smoothie, or both, make sure you have something that will provide your body with nutrients, fiber, and energy. Many wealthy people consume some type of breakfast before tackling their day.

Conquer the World!!

Now, get dressed and stay focused while you go out and do the things you set your intentions on for the day. I know this is a morning routine but, if you get your clothes, shoes, and lunch packed the night before, getting dressed and heading out in the morning will be a breeze. Many people find it hard to get out of bed in the morning because they have nothing sorted out and no goals to accomplish.

No matter your tax bracket, getting up and being productive can make all the difference between a good day and a great day. And, by the looks of it, productivity first thing in the morning can also be the difference between staying poor or becoming wealthy. It's up to us to have RICH RISINGS!

Shut up, Shabetti.


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